A No-Code Platform to Inject your Human Powers into an AI Bot.
So, What can you do with HumanizeAI? Basically HumanizeAI enables you to share your knowledge & Create an AI powered ChatBot out of it. It can be creating your own AI Replica or for Professional purposes (like creating an AI Chatbot for your Website to help out Customers & even generate leads) with the power of ChatGPT.

Create your AI ReplicaUpload your Resume & Get your AI Replica that can talk to other users as if you're talking to them. Embed it on your Website or Share it with your friends.
Create your AI Replica
Deploy the Bot on your own WebsiteIf you're a Professional, you can create an AI ChatBot for your Website, that will answer your customer's queries based on your feeded questions powered by its own AI Intelligence.
Deploy the Bot on your own Website
Just Say, Send an Email for me!You can even send an email to someone by just saying it to your bot, it will generate the content ask you email address and done, it would be sent to the receiver.
Just Say, Send an Email for me!
Generate LeadsUnder TestingNo one fills out those boring forms, but everyone loves to chat. So, you can generate leads in between chat of your bot with the users on your website or our Platform including their Names, Email IDs or Phone Numbers.
Generate Leads
Deploy on Discord & TelegramUnder TestingYou can deploy your bot on Discord to chat with your friends or even on your own Discord Server.
Deploy on Discord & Telegram
What do people say about HumanizeAI?Here's what our users have to say about us.
Shubham S.
Shubham S.@shubh62
Humanize.AI transformed my business with AI Bot trained from PDF knowledgebase. Improved response time and customer satisfaction. Impressed!
Dhruv Pal
Dhruv Pal@dhruvpal
The AI Bot trained with my Startup's Products' images added a great helping hand in its marketing. It identifies objects and assists in personal tasks. Amazing tool!
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh@probablyaryan
This has revolutionized my business with AI Bot trained from PDFs. Efficiently handles inquiries reduces workload and enhances response time.
Vedica Gairola
Vedica Gairola@vedica.g
Humanize.AI's personalized AI Bot trained with images is a game-changer. Recognizes objects simplifies tasks and saves time. Highly recommend!
HumanizeAI is a platform that lets you create your own AI ChatBot that learns your preferences and skills. And then helps others on your behalf!!